Welcome at Hof Klostersee


Since 1987 we work with the consciousness of bio-dynamic agriculture and the certificate of DEMETER. Klostersee is located at the Baltic Sea with white sand beaches about one hour from Hamburg, half an hour from Lübeck or three hours from Copenhagen. Just behind our farm is the Kellenhusen forest with its century old oak trees. Besides the agricultural business we run our own bio-dynamic bakery and a cheese dairy and have a large store where we sell our own products as well as a wide range of other biological products.

 Guests are always welcome at Klostersee. Round the year there are six holiday apartments available for you. If you are interested in vacations at Klostersee, please talk to Annika Nägel via email ferien@klostersee.org . Spoken languages at Klostersee are German, English, Italian and Polish.

Our goals go beyond the agricultural work: We not only want to live and work together in a sustainable farm community but also send a signal by treating our environment caringly and gently, by finding new ways of cooperation and importantly by integrating cultural and social aspects into the daily life at the farm



Hof Klostersee was run privately until 1997 when it was donated to the non-profit registered society Hof Klostersee e.V. The incorporation as an e.V. aims at assuring that the farm will be run bio-dynamically also beyond the current generation.  The registered society Hof Klostersee e.V. offers everybody interested the possibility to get engaged.

The English version of this website is still work in progress…